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At RBWH ICU we are fortunate to have medical and nursing staff with special interest areas within the field of critical care – some are recognised as world leaders in their field.  They share the papers that catch their attention with us here.

Antimicrobials Endocrine Military Medicine Sedation & Analgesia

Other papers of interest:

Maintenance fluid therapy and fluid creep impose more significant fluid, sodium, and chloride burdens than resuscitation fluids in critically ill patients: a retrospective study in a tertiary mixed ICU population

Whilst “merely” a retrospective analysis, does have a potentially important message – Prof Jeffrey Lipman

Management Reasoning: Beyond the Diagnosis

Interesting discussion around clinical reasoning, defined as “the integration of clinical information, medical knowledge, and situational factors to make decisions about patient care” versus management reasoning, defined by the authors as “the process of making decisions about patient management, including choices about treatment, follow-up visits, further testing, and allocation of limited resources”. Given that Intensivists work with limited resources and in the context of the growing evidence base around the impact of pre-existing frailty on outcomes for the critically ill patient, do we tend towards management reasoning? – Dr Marianne Kirrane