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The senior registrar roster is based on 12-hr shift system (day/night), with the expectation of working 1 in 3 weekends.  Total hours worked will not exceed 76 per fortnight.

In addition to being assigned to Pods, senior registrars are also rostered to MERT shifts, where they attend ward emergencies as required.  A higher level of decision-making and clinical management is expected of senior registrars, in addition to close supervision of junior staff.  Two senior registrars are rostered overnight, where coordination of admissions and discharges is a key responsibility.

Opportunities to gain experience in advanced airway techniques, bronchoscopy, echocardiography, percutaneous tracheostomy and advanced ventilation are available.

Senior registrar teaching

RBWH participates in the Queensland senior registrar teaching programme coordinated by the ICU Training Pathway.  Weekly teaching sessions provide a broad educational program for senior registrars working in intensive care as well as fellowship exam focused teaching for CICM advanced trainees working in Queensland.  Sessions are hosted at sites throughout Queensland on Wednesday afternoon.  Sessions include SAQ based discussion, topic review, vivas, procedures, radiology, communication, echo and clinical coaching.

RBWH ICU treats these sessions as protected teaching time for senior registrars.  We provide senior registrars with transport from/to RBWH when teaching is hosted at other Brisbane hospitals.

Please check the ICU training pathway calendar for more information on upcoming sessions.

Journal Club

Journal Club is hosted monthly on Monday night.  A senior registrar is partnered up with a Staff Specialist to present a recent paper relevant to Intensive Care, with a critical appraisal of the paper and the relevant literature.

Please check out our Journal Club for examples of previous meetings.

Mortality & Morbidity Meetings (M&M)

Senior registrars partake in the RBWH ICU quality assurance activities through the weekly M&M sessions.  These are multi-disciplinary meetings, in which senior registrars present educational or interesting cases.

Fellowship exam practice

RBWH ICU has a number of experienced CICM Fellowship examiners.

Exam candidates working at RBWH ICU are encouraged to treat every patient they see as an exam hot case.  In the run up to their exam sitting, all staff specialists are happy to do informal and formal hot case practice, subject to clinical workload.

Transition Year

RBWH ICU will be hosting a transition year programme for CICM trainees.  This year will be designed to fulfill the CICM Objectives of Training for the Transition Year.

To express your interest in doing your Transition Year at the RBWH ICU, please email us with your CV.

Formal projects and other research opportunities

All trainees working at RBWH ICU have the opportunity to do research.  For more information, please check out Formal Projects.

We encourage trainees to contact us about their proposed project before starting their rotation, so that they can start the process of obtaining ethical approval early.


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