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The Formal Project is a mandatory requirement for CICM trainees.  It must be successfully completed before entry into the Transition Year (2014 Curriculum) and before Fellowship can be awarded (pre-2014 Curriculum).

The following information is taken from the CICM Training Document “Formal Project requirements”  in June 2017 and should be confirmed on the CICM website.

All CICM trainees must complete an original and formal research project or report in order to demonstrate that they have:

  • Gained an understanding of research methods and be exposed to the rigour of research
  • Developed the ability to critically analyse scientific literature
  • Developed a questioning attitude to their own clinical practice, including ongoing systematic audit and review

Acceptable types of projects include:

  • Clinical audit including practice review
  • Case series defining exposures, treatments or outcomes
  • Narrative reviews where based on a clearly defined question and where the review includes a systematic review of the available medical literature
  • Systematic reviews with or without meta-analysis as appropriate
  • Prospective clinical trials including local aspects or data related to larger multi-centered trial where this is acceptable to the Project Management Team
  • Epidemiologic studies (case-control, cohort, cross-sectional, intervention, ecologic)
  • Laboratory-based investigations of a question of at least broad clinical relevance
  • Surveys of practice or opinion conforming to the principles of research for survey design
  • Quality improvement projects including clinical audit with demonstrated practice change processes
  • Education projects with a formal and testable evaluation of effectiveness in meeting predetermined educational objectives
  • Advocacy projects with a formal impact assessment

The following may also be deemed acceptable for submission, as long as they meet all of the requirements listed in the CICM Training Document “Formal Project requirements”:

  • A scientific paper already accepted for publication in a journal will require no further modification before submission. Proof of acceptance or publication must be provided together with the accepted manuscript.
  • Project reports completed in conjunction with training toward other Fellowships may be submitted for consideration. Please note that the literature review must be up-to-date at the time of submission.
  • Reports arising from work undertaken as part of scientific courses or higher degrees may be submitted but must conform to all of the requirements with respect to form and presentation. If not already published, thesis material should be presented in the format of a paper for Critical Care and Resuscitation and the literature review and discussion updated.

As well as a written manuscript, the Formal Project must be presented at an appropriate meeting, and is subject to a discussion period wiht an audience containing at least 5 senior clinicians.

The CICM Queenland Regional Committee host 2 annual events to support Queensland ICU trainees with their Formal Project:

  • a 1 day workshop for trainees starting work on their Formal Project. The workshop provides guidance on how to design and complete a project, outlines the tools required, and discussion and peer review for individual proposed projects. (2017 workshop registration info)
  • an evening Formal Project Presentation meeting (pre-approved by CICM as an appropriate presentation forum)


The RBWH ICU Medical team is happy to mentor CICM trainees with the completion of their Formal Project. Priority will be given to trainees currently working at RBWH ICU as well as trainees due to rotate to RBWH ICU in the coming 12 months.

Current trainees can access the Formal Project Area page via the Staff Login page.  Please email us if you have not received a login.

Formal Project Area