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Training in Intensive Care Medicine is supervised by the College of Intensive Care Medicine.  The training program in intensive care medicine is a minimum of six years and each trainee’s requirements will vary depending on prior experience and qualifications.  For further information about training in Intensive Care Medicine, please visit the CICM website.

RBWH ICU is accredited for unlimited General Training as well as the Neuro and Trauma subspeciality terms (C24 for trainees completing the pre-2014 curriculum).

RBWH ICU also participates in the Queensland ICU Training Pathway.  As part of this, each pathway trainee is asked to complete a mapping document each year. This assists the pathway to plan future rotations for pathway trainees so they complete the CICM requirements in a timely manner.

Supervisors of Training

Dr Rajeev Hegde

Dr Anthony Holley

Dr John Gowardman

Our 3 Supervisors of Training (SoTs) manage training, including a welcome meeting, a mid-term meeting and a completion of term meeting.