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The RBWH ICU prides itself on comprehensive training and education for junior medical staff, and is an accredited facility for both basic and advanced training with the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM).  In addition, medical staff can complete rotations through the ICU as part of training for other acute care specialties (such as anaesthesia, general surgery, and emergency medicine).

Educational opportunities are centered around regular contact with consultant staff, provision of dedicated tuition tailored to specific requirements, and access to a variety of formal intensive care courses.  Three CICM Supervisors of Training oversee these activities, providing feedback to trainees at the commencement and completion of rotations.  Assessments are based on weekly consultant appraisals.   These are aimed at improving performance and identifying deficiencies in knowledge that can be addressed throughout the clinical rotation.  A monthly journal club is also provided, where current critical care literature is formally reviewed and appraised.


Registrars within the ICU are often drawn from other acute care specialties, such as surgery, general medicine, anaesthesia, and emergency medicine, in addition to CICM basic trainees. Educational opportunities are derived from daily ward rounds, in addition to a formal weekly tutorial focused on key areas of intensive care practice and applied physiology.

Senior Registrars

Senior registrars are generally advanced trainees, having completed the requirements for basic training, and passed an appropriate primary examination. Many are registered with the CICM, and are nearing the final Fellowship examination. Training is therefore focused on specialist level knowledge and practice. Senior registrars are also heavily involved with teaching junior staff members and quality assurance activities.